Friday, December 10, 2010

Jay: I do appreciate you so clearly laying out the ground work for those of us who want to be friends with you- i especially enjoyed the example. Unfortunately, I cannot subscribe to your request. They are unnecessary and forced. See, I already believed we were friends. Silly me and my ignorance. I was unaware that all this time you needed the reassurance of one's direct questions, ie. "Thu would you like to be my friend?". You have led me to believe that for these past months we were growing closer as individuals. This has been a lie and I cannot continue on. Good day madame.

Me: oh shush it, now ask me to be your friend then we can work on our friendship! Keep in mind I might say NO

Jay: I will not run that risk, I will not ask you to be my friend, we will simply stay "coworkers" and keep our conversations light, around the water cooler. Nothing more, nothing less.

Ha! This kid always know how to make my day!

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